Water chiller machine

water Chiller machine

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200-250-500-1000 water Chiller Machine is a storage cooler-cum-water purifier with one-of-its-kind water cooling and storage solution. It deploys cutting-edge technology to ensure that your drinking water is not only cool but also 100% safe. This revolutionary technology is backed by decades of experience that ensures a workplace that is healthier, happier and more productive.

The micro porous, heavy duty sediment filter candle of polypropylene and bacteria carbon removes physical impurities like dust, dirt etc. 
Then the specially treated activated carbon removes chlorine along with its by-products and other organic impurities thus reducing unpleasant outdoor, taste and color. 
Finally, the ultraviolet treatment effectively inactivates all known diseases- causing bacteria and viruses.

The water is first cooled and then purified to ensure 100% safe drinking water.

The powerful cooling system in unit cools effectively and faster.

It gives you the option of chilled water as well as room temperature water.

Its entire body is corrosion resistant which prevents rusting and helps maintain hygiene standards.